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Juli Extruder Machinery

About Us
Nanjing Juli Chemical Machinery Co Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of professional designing and making co rotating parallel twin screw extruders granule equipment and spare parts Our factory manufactures complete set of plastic extrusion equipment and provides related crafts technical development and advisory

Categories and Products

Twin Screw Extruder

Single Screw Extruder

Two Stage Extruder

Single Screw Two Stage Extruder

Biodegradable Sheet Extruder

Biodegradable Pelletizing Extruder

Sheet Extruder

Three Screw Extruder

Air Cooling Belt Conveyor System

Kneader Extrusion Line

Twin Screw Extruder Feeding System

Water-cooling Strands Pelletizing

Underwater Pelletizer

Water Ring Cutting System

Die Face Cutting System

Plastic Mixer

Extruder Auxiliary Parts

Related Extruder

Products Keywords
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