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Nanjing Juli Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of professional designing and making co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruders, granule equipment and spare parts. Our factory manufactures complete set of Plastic Extrusion equipment, and provides related crafts, technical development, and advisory service.
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  • Here is a brief introduction to the correct method for switching colors and materials of twin screw extruder: 1. The batch size of the product should correspond to the size of the machine. 2. Write down the procedures for cleaning or disassembling each product. This will help operators plan their time and eliminate their arguments about how much head material will be produced. 3. Help the operator to place clean operating tools around the extruder. If the material is changed frequently, build a workbench around the extruder and prepare everything needed. 4. Study the order in which raw materials and finished products flow into and out of the operation site. Arrange so that operators spend less effort on moving vehicles. 5, Clear the next product requirements for machine cleanliness. 6. If possible, schedule production in order of decreasing clearance. This means going from light to dark. Instead, you have to perform multiple disassembly. Nanjing Juli Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of professional designing and making co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruders, single screw extruder , plastic granule equipment .
  • Distinguished Guest, At the new era, we witnessed the twin screw extruder development as well as scientific and technological progress, dramatic changes have taken place in the global plastic extruder industry. Strengthening international economic cooperation has become the natural choice for countries around the world. Based on our common understanding, we Juli Machinery would propose that, in order to promote the cooperation and development in plastic granules machine industry, we shall establish a good platform for the major plays in the world to have more communications and exchanges and promote multilateral cooperation, so as to jointly promote the cooperation and development of the global plastic pelletizing industry as a whole. I am glad that our colleagues from different countries have given us the valuable assistance. Many companies have expressed their willingness to join the platform. After having an overall consideration of the production scale, operation measures and proficiency of plastic granulating machine companies .
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